Testing, Inspection & Certification

MCT provides testing, inspection and certification on every product we manufacture. While most of our fabrication includes equipment used for safety and lifting in construction, we are also able to test, inspect and certify products not manufactured by us.


Testing & Inspection

All products Mears Construction & Training (MCT) manufactures undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure they meet all the necessary criteria for compliance.

We use magnetic particle testing to test for cracks and fissures in metal surfaces. This detection method, along with ultrasound thickness testing, is non-destructive to the material. Ultrasound allows us to examine the thickness of a material to determine any weaknesses in its structure.

Lifting devices are load tested and certified to 50 tonnes compliant, which includes all the chains, slings, beams and bars in a range of configurations to test strength.
Construction Testing and Inspection — Mears Construction & Training in South Johnstone, QLD
Testing and Inspection — Mears Construction & Training in South Johnstone, QLD
All of the testing and inspections carried out at MCT can be undertaken for both brand new and equipment already in use. Not only can regular testing save you time and money for equipment downtime, it reduces the risk of further damage to relative machinery.

Take advantage of our mobile testing facilities, which allows us to visit you onsite and ensure your safety and lifting equipment is operating efficiently and not damaged in any way.

We also provide site safety audits, whereby we visit your premises to assess your OH&S compliance.

Inspection & Certification

If your machinery requires inspection and certification for OH&S purposes, MCT undertakes meticulous assessments necessary for certification, along with providing the certification ready for use.

Our qualified staff inspect, assess and certify all types and classes of cranes, including overhead, vehicle loading, gantry and slewing cranes. If you use elevated work platforms, we can certify them for you to ensure they are weight and tensile compliant.

Other equipment we're licensed to inspect and certify includes hoists for both materials and personnel, along with vehicle hoists, such as pallet jacks and forklifts.
Construction Inspection — Mears Construction & Training in South Johnstone, QLD
Construction Certification — Mears Construction & Training in South Johnstone, QLD
We also certify safety equipment, such as harnesses and safety line systems, as well as portable ladders, planks, scaffolding and concrete placing booms.

If you use load-shifting machinery, such as bulldozers and skid steer loaders, as well as back hoes, excavators, rollers and graders, either bring your machinery to us to be inspected and certified or we'll send our mobile testing unit to your location.

Contact us to discuss our inspection and certification services for a range of other construction equipment.